The National Corn Growers Association has requested the Senate Agriculture Committee to include a revenue counter cyclical program to enhance the long-term viability and competitiveness of American agriculture.

In a letter to committee members, NCGA president Ron Litterer challenged the committee to “give farmers a choice to select the program that works best for them. It doesn’t cost more but for some, it provides better protection.”

The drought that affected much of the eastern United States this year will reduce many growers’ yields, even as the nation harvests the largest corn crop ever. That, Litterer noted, is exactly the reason why farmers would benefit from a farm bill that protects against lower revenues, not just lower commodity prices.

“A revenue counter cyclical program provides better protection, and makes private crop insurance work better,” Litterer wrote. “Indeed, by integrating with the federal crop insurance program to reduce costs, an RCCP would enable producers to purchase higher levels of individual farm level coverage at reduced premiums.”

The letter also addressed concerns by some growers about such a change in the nation’s farm policy. “While we understand this concern, producers should be allowed to decide which type of safety net protection they prefer,” Litterer said. “We believe the Senate Agriculture Committee should let producers choose between an optional revenue counter cyclical program and the traditional safety net programs. Congress must give farmers the choice.”
Source: NCGA