The National Corn Growers Association has expressed its approval for the ethanol industry’s efforts to move beyond the current 10 percent blend wall. “We will work with all partners in the ethanol industry to create a unified strategy to expand ethanol usage and production,” NCGA said in a policy statement.

We understand overcoming this hurdle will require sound science in a transparent process, the group explained. NCGA also supports the regulatory process to increase the blend rate and to replace foreign oil with domestically produced renewable energy.

America’s corn growers have continually exceeded market demand for corn by the ethanol industry according to NCGA and will continue to meet the demands of food, feed, fuel and fiber in an economical and environmentally responsible manner. NCGA would also like to highlight the important impact that farmer-owned, homegrown fuel production has in bringing opportunities to rural America.

U.S. corn production efficiency is continually advancing and NCGA expects even greater improvements in sustainability and efficiency in the years to come. It currently takes 40% less land and 50% less energy to produce a bushel of corn than it did in 1987.

Source: NCGA