Less expensive cuts of pork are helping restaurants manage their food costs while providing diners with the extra flavor they crave, and Nation’s Restaurant News is taking note. In its recent article “Soaking in flavor: Marinades add pizzazz,” the author cited information from the National Pork Board, along with Celebrated Chef Nancy Longo’s use of yogurt to tenderize pork cap steak.

“To be included in a feature in Nation’s Restaurant News is great, because this publication is on every food industry professional’s desk every week,” says Gerike, who noted that two pork producers, Dianne Bettin from Minnesota and Tim Bierman from Iowa, attended the event. 

The article grew out of the pork checkoff’s Taste of Elegance competition in Baltimore this summer, says Stephen Gerike, national foodservice marketing manager for the Pork Checkoff.

“While the Taste of Elegance promotes innovative ways for chefs to menu pork, we wanted to create a new angle to court the writers and editors who cover the foodservice industry. The Baltimore event offered a great opportunity to host a short Pork 101 presentation and provide useful information for the editors who attended.”

Other publications represented at the Taste of Elegance included Foodservice Monthly, Plate Magazine, Food Arts, Restaurant Business, Meating Place, and Flavor & The Menu. During an hour and a half of downtime at the Taste of Elegance, the editors stopped by Baltimore’s International Culinary Institute to watch Gerike showcase new cuts of pork from the leg and shoulder. They also enjoyed Chef Longo’s recipe demonstrations.

“These chefs are the trend setters, and they enjoy talking to pork producers and learning how we raise our pigs,” says Bettin, vice chair of the National Pork Board’s domestic marketing committee. “With all the misinformation about the pork industry in the media today, the Taste of Elegance offered an important way for us to tell our story directly to influential editors and chefs, and get them excited about pork.”

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Source: National Pork Board