With show registrations up and a successful sale grossing more than ever, the 2010 World Pork Expo, held June 10-12 in Des Moines, Iowa, was a banner event for the National Swine Registry. Purebred Duroc, Hampshire, Landrace and Yorkshire pigs along with crossbred entries totaled 501 head from 21 states, and contributed to a sale total of $545,000.

Duroc Show
Randy Shipley, Newark, Ohio, judged the Duroc show. Auctioneer Ronnie Kreis, Adamsville, Ohio, sold 24 boars averaging $3,085 and 25 gilts averaging $1,758.

The Grand Champion and Top-selling Duroc Boar, shown by WinTex Farms, Lubbock, Texas, and sired by KTB9 Final Approach 4-3, sold to Top Cut Genetics, Farmland, Ind., for $31,000. Norman Bros. & Son, Sidell, Ill., had the Reserve Grand Champion, a son of RWG8 Full Shift 145-1 that sold to Chad Hill, Hereford, Texas, for $2,500.

Stein & Stewart, Odessa, Mo., exhibited the Grand Champion and Top-selling Duroc Gilt, sired by CCKK8 Triple Crown 2-2. She sold to Hirschfeld & Sons, York, Neb., for $12,500. Danielle Dobson, Morton, Texas, exhibited the Reserve Grand Champion Duroc Gilt, sired by JAKI8 PSSS Can't Touch This 10-1. She sold to Warren & Lonnie Ploeger, Schaller, Iowa, for $3,400.

RWG8 Full Shift 145-1 owned by Purple Power Boar Stud, Chalmers, Ind., and Beyer Farms, Sibley, Ill., earned the Premier Duroc Sire award. The Reserve Premier Duroc Sire was awarded to Hi Point Genetics, Guyer Cattle Company, JP Enterprises and Harold Newnum, Ill., for CCKK8 Triple Crown 2-2.

Hampshire Show
Jerry Brink, Elkader, Iowa, evaluated the Hampshire show. Kevin Wendt, Irwin, Ohio, auctioned 23 boars averaging $4,257 and 28 gilts averaging $1,288.

WinTex Farms, Lubbock, Texas, exhibited the Grand Champion Hampshire Boar. The WTX8 Square One 116-1-sired boar sold to Top of Ohio Stud, Edon, Ohio, for $11,000. Reserve Grand Champion Hampshire Boar honors went to Nick Zachary, Sayre, Okla., for his JLM9 Rockin' T 6-5-sired boar. He sold to Alton Andrews and Ray Moorman, Cairo, Ga., for $1,600. The Top-selling Hampshire Boar was exhibited by Cailyn and Payton Hines of Quincy, Mich. Their son of EBM8 Huggy Bear 9-7 sold for $35,000 to Hi Point Genetics, Chrisman, Ill., Heimer Hampshires, Taylor, Mo., and Roger Bennett, Kidder, Mo.

Morgan Knotts of West Lafayette, Ind., sold her Grand Champion Hampshire Gilt to Gunderson Farms, Kerkhoven, Minn., for $1,250. She is a daughter of EC8 Stainless Steel 54-11. Alex Vaughan, Wilmington, Ohio, exhibited the Reserve Grand Champion Hampshire Gilt, a daughter of BOLN8 Home Grown 99-3, that sold for $1,750 to Hubly Farms, Faribault, Minn.

The Top-selling Hampshire Gilt belonged to Taylor Crouch, Tipton, Ind., and sold to WinMor Farms from Johnston, Iowa, for $11,000.

The Premier Hampshire Sire plaque was accepted by John Graber, Stryker, Ohio, for GRA8 Big Brother 23-5. Reserve Premier Hampshire Sire went to Cedar Ridge Farms, Inc., Red Bud, Ill., for EC8 Stainless Steel 54-11.

Landrace Show
Shipley also evaluated the Landrace show. Dan Baker of West Lafayette, Ind., sold three boars averaging $450 and one gilt that brought $550.

Cedar Ridge Show Herd, Red Bud, Ill., received Grand Champion Landrace Boar honors. Sired by JMG8 PSSS Zeus 40-8, he sold to Keith Wilson, Guthrie Center, Iowa, for $550. Ben Sheldon of Martinsville, Ind., exhibited the Reserve Champion Landrace Boar that did not sell.

The Grand Champion Landrace Gilt, shown by Caleb Grohmann, Red Bud, Ill., sold to Andy Paszkiewcz, Kaukauna, Wis., for $550. She is sired by JMG8 PSSS Zeus 40-8. Nathan Acuff of Farmersville, Texas, exhibited the Reserve Champion Landrace Gilt out of JMG8 PSSS Zeus 40-8 that sold to Debbie Acuff of Farmersville, Texas, for $450.

The Premier Landrace Sire award went to JMG8 PSSS Zeus 40-8, owned by Prairie State Semen Supply, Champaign, Ill. CR5 Supreme 8-2, owned by Cedar Ridge Farms, Red Bud, Ill., claimed the Reserve Premier Landrace Sire award.

Yorkshire Show
Seth Swenson, Newark, Ill., judged the Yorkshire show. Baker auctioneered 26 boars averaging $3,075 and 52 gilts averaging $840.

Grimm Purebreds, Maynard, Iowa, exhibited the Grand Champion and Top-selling Yorkshire Boar, sired by JGR8 Mack Attack 81-5. The boar sold to Shaffer's Gold Rush, Albany, Ind., for $13,500. Dan Burzlaff, Delmar, Iowa, drove the Reserve Grand Champion Yorkshire Boar. The DBFF7 Chain Saw 85-8-sired boar sold for $9,000 to Top of Ohio Stud, Edon, Ohio.

Grand Champion and Top-selling Yorkshire Gilt honors went to Blake Goss of Canute, Okla. The WGW8 Headliner 58-1-sired gilt sold for $6,200 to Warren & Lonnie Ploeger, Schaller, Iowa. The Reserve Grand Champion Yorkshire Gilt, shown by Palmer Cranford, Camilla, Ga., sold to Brandon & Norann Ogle, Strasburg, Ill., for $1,200. She is sired by JGR7 Bulletproof 345-6.

WGW8 Headliner 58-1, owned by Jack Rodibaugh & Sons, Rensselaer, Ind., earned the Premier Yorkshire Sire award. LFC8 Cannon Ball 34-1, owned by Thompson Brothers, Pleasantville, Ohio, and Drake Purebreds, Cambridge City, Ind., claimed the Reserve Premier Yorkshire Sire plaque.

Crossbred Show
Tim Marek, Riverside, Iowa, evaluated the crossbred boar show. Kreis auctioneered 21 boars averaging $6,540 and 23 gilts averaging $1,328.

Brinning Farms, Keota, Iowa, exhibited the Grand Champion and Top-selling Crossbred Boar. The boar sold to Top of Ohio Stud, Edon, Ohio, for $65,000. Reserve Champion Crossbred Boar honors went to Nathan Weisinger, Fort Madison, Iowa. The boar sold to Lean Value Sires of New Carlisle, Ohio, for $18,000.

By Darrell D. Anderson, National Swine Registry