Each year, the National Swine Improvement Federation honors individuals for outstanding contributions and excellence in the swine genetics arena. This year, Max Rothschild, an Iowa State University swine geneticist and Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor in Agriculture, received the Charles Stanislaw Memorial Distinguished Service Award. Also at Iowa State, Clint Schwab received the Lauren Christian Memorial Graduate Student Award.
“It is quite an honor to receive this award and to be recognized for having helped the industry move forward with application of molecular tests to genetic improvement,” says Rothschild.

The distinguished service award honors individuals for their record of outstanding service to the pork industry through involvement in implementing, supervising and/or participating in performance-testing programs. Rothschild is among the world's leading animal geneticists, as evidence through his unique and highly productive pig genome research. He has been especially active in the application of molecular genetics and immunogenetics to swine breeding. In 1993, he was named U.S. Pig Genome Coordinator and has since been reappointed twice to five-year terms in that position.

At Iowa Staet, Rothschild heads an extensive research program, teaches in undergraduate and graduate courses, is an undergraduate adviser, assists in organizing industry workshops, and has won two R&D 100 awards.
"The NSIF graduate student award is definitely one of the highlights of my time here at Iowa State,” says Schwab. “The fact that the award is in the name of Dr. Christian, one whose accomplishments we all would like to emulate, certainly adds to the honor.”
The graduate student award recognizes a graduate student conducting research in swine genetics, meats, nutrition or other disciplines that might have a swine genetic component. The award recipient may be rewarded for commitment to sound genetic principles or for the discovery of new concepts in genetics and/or performance testing. Schwab currently is a lecturer and research assistant in animal science, and also serves as coach for the Iowa State's Livestock Judging Team.

His graduate research to date is focused in two main areas: evaluating the effect of long-term selection for reduced backfat and increased loin muscle area on meat and eating quality traits, and selection for intramuscular fat in live pigs using real-time ultrasound.
NSIF and Iowa State University