The National Pork Producers Council's Board of Directors has selected Neil Dierks, 44, as the organization's news Chief Executive Officer. Dierks will take office on Feb. 12. He succeeds Al Tank who resigned on Oct. 15, 2001.

A long-time pork industry participant and NPPC staff member, Dierks brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his new position. Beginning in 1990, Dierks served NPPC in a series of senior executive positions, including Executive Director of Operations, Vice-President for Research and Education and Senior Vice-President for Programs.

Prior to his service with NPPC, Dierks was the Special Activities Director
for the Iowa Pork Producers Association and Marketing Director for the Iowa Corn Promotion Board.

As NPPC's CEO, Dierks will spend time in both Des Moines and Washington, D.C., where the council has offices.

Dierks grew up on a livestock farm in eastern Iowa and remains involved in a family farming operation. He is an Iowa State University graduate.

“The NPPC Board wanted a candidate who understood pork production and was equipped with the vision, knowledge and expertise to lead our industry into a confident and prosperous future,” says NPPC President Barb Determan.

“Neil Dierks is a leader whose eyes are fixed on the future but who intimately understands the past. He is the right person for this challenging time.”

The selection followed an extensive executive search that lasted more than three months. The NPPC search committee, with assistance from a professional executive search firm, identified and evaluated some 40 candidates. NPPC's search committee included current and former board members, past NPPC presidents and the executive director of a state pork association.

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