The National Pork Board, which manages the national pork checkoff, has the results of a return-on-investment analysis required according to legislative requirements every five years.

The latest study drew two conclusions regarding ROI, according to NPB’s chief executive officer Steve Murphy:

  • For every 1 percent increase in expenditures for a checkoff program, the average improvement in program results is 13.8 in a range of 7.1:1 to 56.2:1, depending on the program.
  • This likely means that for every dollar a producer checks off, he or she gets more than $2 back in return.

Murphy reported the results at the National Pork Industry Forum held in Anaheim, Calif.

Also at the meeting, NPB adopted two resolutions: The first urges all pork producers to participate in Pork Quality Assurance Plus program, which combines the industry's PQA program and the Swine Welfare Assurance Program.

The second item provides $400,000 for "nutritional efficiency research and education program". The objective is to address rising corn costs, and to ensure that producers have information and guidance related to future feed usage options.

The goal is to make the $400,000 seed money, which will encourage other industry sectors-- state pork associations, allied industry and other livestock and poultry commodity groups, to contribute. The target is to build a $1-million consortium for nutritional efficiency research related to pork production.

Source: National Pork Board