The National Pork Board selected a president and vice president to serve for the coming year. Hugh Dorminy, a pork producer from Russellville, Ark., is the new president. Craig Christensen, a pork producer from Bouton, Iowa, is vice president.

Dorminy is in his third year of a three-year NPB term. He served as vice president in 2000-2001. "I'm a firm believer that pork checkoff programs are beneficial and have more than paid for themselves," says Dorminy. He says NPB wants to understand the needs of the people who pay the pork checkoff and to respond to them. He plans to expand on several ideas to gather ideas for checkoff-funded programs.

"I plan to build on the listening posts and involve more pork producers in the committee structure," Dorminy says. "Rather than wait for volunteers, we'll ask states and others to help us recruit pork producers who want to get involved."

Dorminy plans to increase efforts to share information and understanding about checkoff-funded programs. He has been involved with the pork industry for 25 years. This is Christensen's second year on NPB. He manages a family farm farrow-to-finish operation with his wife Carol.

In its recent business meeting, NPB reviewed the search progress in looking for a new Chief Executive Officer. NPB's search firm has narrowed the list and interviewed final candidates. Dorminy expects to announce the new CEO after an NPB meeting in September, with the person on board by Oct. 1.

The National Pork Board is a group of 15 people nominated by pork producersor importers, elected by the Pork Act Delegates at the National Pork Industry Forum and officially appointed by the U.S. Agriculture Secretary. In addition to Dorminy and Christensen, current NPB members are:

  • John Kellogg of Yorkville, Ill.
  • Richard Alig of Okarche, Okla.
  • Michael Bayes of Orient, Ohio
  • David Culbertson of Geneseo, Ill.
  • Chet McManus of Fulton, S.D.
  • Sharon Oetting of Concordia, Mo.
  • Marlin Pankratz of Mt. Lake, Minn.
  • Mark Reding of Howardstown, Ky.
  • John Q. Adams of Snow Hill, N.C.
  • Danita S. Rodibaugh of Rensselaer, Ind.
  • Thomas J. Floy of Thornton, Iowa
  • Bradley K. Thornton of Eagle, Idaho
  • William Scott Long of Manteca, Calif.

The National Pork Board was established under the Pork Promotion, Research,and Consumer Information Act of 1985. The Board has responsibility for research, promotion and consumer information projects and for communicating those with pork producers and the public.

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