The National Pork Board has selected William Winkelman of Johnston, Iowa, as its new Chief Financial Officer. Winkelman brings pork producers 18 years of international finance and technology experience, including working for companies that specialize in seed, technology and accounting.

"Hiring Winkelman completes our senior management team, a process we've been working on since the settlement agreement required we hire a separate Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer," says Hugh Dorminy, NPB president and a pork producer from Russellville, Ark.

Winkelman enters the CFO position to work with NPB staff to manage the national pork checkoff budget of approximately $50 million per year. The CFO plays a key role in the budgeting process, which lasts most of the year and is approved by the 15-member NPB executive board and USDA.

The CFO reports directly to NPB's Chief Executive Officer Steve Murphy. "Hiring Winkelman reflects changes that are part of the new NPB. In addition to finance and accounting responsibilities, he will be in charge of NPB's Information Technology & Services department," Murphy notes. "Creating producer ownership in checkoff-funded programs, and delivering the value of those programs to the farm by increasing producer participation will be a focus in 2002."

Hired in October, Murphy is working to fulfill his 90-day plan to recreate NPB as a service-oriented organization for pork producers, providing direct responsibility for research, promotion and consumer information projects and for communicating with pork producers and the public.