The National Pork Board approved its budget for 2004. The budget is based on a forecast of pork checkoff revenues of $50.0 million. About $10.5 million will be returned to states for state and local programs and the rest will be spent for national pork promotion, research and consumer information programs.

The budget process started with a strategic plan that included a broad range of producers and was based on the foundation of a new mission, vision and seven critical issues as defined by the pork producers who serve on the board of directors.   Producer leaders considered what they want checkoff to help make happen in 2004 and created strategic intents for each of the critical issues. 

The Board approved national programs matching 32 strategic intents at a cost of $45.7 million, which includes forecast revenues for 2004 and $5.5 million from reserves. Approximately $12 million, or almost a third of the national program spending planned for 2004, is for new projects. These include work toward eradicating Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome and alternative production research. USDA has final approval for the 2004 budget.

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