Two retiring producer members of the National Pork Board were honored at the National Pork Industry Forum held recently in St. Louis, Mo. Lynn Harrison, a producer from Elk Mound, Wis., was recognized for serving as president of the National Pork Board. Harrison will continue leading the organization of the nation's pork producers through August.

"As president, Lynn is committed to assuring a better future for all of America's pork producers," said Steve Weaver, a producer from Elk Grove Calif. and National Pork Board vice president. "Producers have benefited from his desire to seek continuous improvement for the National Pork Board, its staff, his fellow board members and himself."

Wayne Peugh, a producer from Edelstein, Ill. who first became a member of the National Pork Board on June 13, 2003 also was honored for six years of service to the National Pork Board. Peugh, a producer who owns and operates a farrow-to-finish operation with 3,000 sows, served as president of the National Pork Board. He also serves on the Compensation Committee, Resolution Committee, Trade Committee and Swine Health Committee.

The National Pork Board consists of 15 members, each serving a maximum of two three-year terms. The Pork Act requires that no fewer than 12 states be represented by the 15 Pork Board members.

Source: NPB