The National Pork Board has adopted a statement outlining its vision of success for the Pork Checkoff. NPB members approved the vision statement Feb. 20 and will share it with others during the National Pork Industry Forum in Denver, Colo., Feb. 28-March 2.

"Our goal was to provide producers with a statement they can use to measure the success of the Checkoff," says Craig Christensen, an Iowa pork producer and vice president of the NPB. "We know from talking to producers and from other research that producers expect checkoff programs to help increase demand for pork. But they also want the checkoff to help improve the image of pork producers and to provide tools that give all producers a chance to be successful. This statement sets out clearly what producers should expect from their checkoff dollars."

The statement adopted by the board reads:

The pork checkoff will be recognized by producers as an effective investment to:

  • Increase domestic per capita demand for pork.
  • Increase export demand for U.S. pork.
  • Meet the challenges of responsible 21st century pork production.
  • Provide access to the knowledge and opportunities that allow all producers to be competitive.

Christensen, who led a NPB committee charged with drafting the vision statement, said committee members tried to write a statement that set some specific goals for the board and the board's staff, and to set those goals high enough to challenge everyone. He said the vision statement also specifically addresses promotion, research and consumer information, the three mandates of the legislation that created the Pork Checkoff in 1985.

Other National Pork Board members of the vision statement committee were Danita Rodibaugh, Indiana, John Adams, North Carolina and Mike Bayes of Ohio.

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