Information about maintaining stored grain is available from MidWest Plan Service at Iowa State University. The two books available are "Managing Dry Grain in Storage" and "Dry Grain Aeration Systems Design Handbook."

"Managing Dry Grain in Storage" explains causes of grain spoilage and how to manage grain to prevent storage problems. It focuses on cylindrical storage structures but offers principles of grain storage management that apply to all types of storage. It emphasizes maintenance of grain at its initial storage moisture and does not address intentional drying or rewetting of grain. The 24-page book is available for $8 plus shipping and handling.

"Dry Grain Aeration Systems Design Handbook" provides guidelines for selecting, sizing, locating and evaluating grain aeration systems. The book includes bulleted lists, 46 illustrations, 20 tables and four appendixes of additional information. The 88-page illustrated handbook is available for $25 plus shipping and handling. This book also is available as a download on the MWPS website:

To order these publications as well as the free 2005 MWPS catalog and other materials, contact MWPS on-line at, e-mail at, phone at (800) 562-3618 or (515) 294-4337, fax at (515) 294-9589, or write MWPS, 122 Davidson Hall, Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011-3080.