A federal grand jury has indicted 15 Swift & Co. workers in Hyrum, Utah, according to the Associated Press. The indictments involve criminal charges related to the federal government's raid of the meatpacking plant.

The allegations are that the employees used and sold false birth certificates and Social Security numbers to get jobs or help others get jobs. Of the 15 indicted, 14 are reported to be Mexican citizens, three of whom are not in custody, according to reports. 

Cache County, Utah, prosecutors filed forgery and identity-theft charges against 58 people, and others face immigration violations after the arrests of 145 people there.

The Utah indictments bring the total number of Swift employees now involved to 35, following the Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau raided six of the company's facilities and arrested nearly 1,300 people. Nearly 200 were charged with crimes. Earlier last week, 20 workers at Swift's plant in Worthington, Minn, had been indicted. Of those, 15 face aggravated-identity-theft charges, which carries a mandatory two-year prison sentence in addition to penalties resulting from related crimes.

An ICE spokesperson reports that the outcome of the raids is still unfolding, and stated that the number of indictments will change almost daily as more information continues to unfold.

Source: Associated Press, The Meatingplace.com