A cattle farm in Yecheon, North Gyeongsang Province, was found to have been infected with the deadly foot-and-mouth disease Monday, according to the Korea Times. It was the first outbreak outside Andong where the disease was first reported two weeks ago.

It is now more likely the highly contagious virus will spread throughout the province and possibly beyond. Confirmation of the disease has put the provincial government and state quarantine agencies on the highest alert.

Three suspected foot-and-mouth disease cases reported in Yeongju and Daegu have tested negative. But another farm in Cheongdo, about 100 kilometers away from the epicenter, has reported suspected signs of the virus on its livestock and is awaitingconfirmation from laboratory tests.

According to the North Gyeongsang Provincial Government, a livestock farm in Yecheon, some 21 kilometers southwest of Andong, was confirmed to be infected with the disease. Over 200 cows within a 500 meter radius of the infected farm were destroyed and buried underground to stem the spread of the virus to other regions.

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Source: The Korea Times