A total of four independent swine researchers and practitioners received Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.'s,  annual Advancement in PRRS Research Awards. In its 2010 allocation, BIVI awarded $100,000 to support four separate studies investigating novel ways to diagnose, control and eradicate porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome disease.

The 2010 studies will look at: the comparison of whole-herd exposure programs for sow farms; airborne shedding of PRRS virus; assessing vegetative environmental buffers on virus transmission; and evaluating aspirin as supportive or symptomatic treatment for PRRS infection in pigs.

This is the eighth year that BIVI has sponsored the PRRS research awards, which have advanced the industry’s understanding of the disease. The 2010 research award recipients and their research proposals recognized at last week's American Association of Swine Veterinarians Conference in Omaha, Neb., include:

Robert Morrison, DVM, University of Minnesota – A study to compare whole-herd exposure programs as an aid in eliminating PRRS virus from sow herds.
Paul Yeske, DVM, Swine Vet Center, St. Peter, Minn. – A study to evaluate airborne shedding of Ingelvac PRRS ATP vaccine  in commercial conditions.
Josh Bowden, DVM, Premium Standard Farms, Princeton, Mo. – A study to assess the impact of vegetative environmental buffers on local aerosolized spread of PRRS virus.
Mark Wagner, DVM, Fairmont Veterinary Clinic, Fairmont, Minn. – A study to evaluate aspirin for fever reduction and performance improvement in isowean pigs with uncomplicated PRRS virus infections.
Paul Ruen, DVM, AASV president, served on the PRRS Research Review Board and noted that this year’s committee received a large number of worthy research award proposals. “The high level of interest in PRRS research is indicative of the importance of this disease in today’s swine production systems,” Ruen says. “Fortunately, thanks to ongoing research programs such as this, and the efforts of countless veterinarians and researchers across the country, we have made tremendous headway in developing highly effective strategies to better manage PRRS on the farm.”

In addition to Ruen, members of the PRRS Review Board included: Bill Mengeling, DVM, Iowa State University/National Animal Disease Center (retired), Ames, Iowa; Montse Torremorell, DVM, University of Minnesota; Tim Loula, DVM, Swine Vet Center, St. Peter, Minn.; Luc Defresne, DVM, Seaboard Farms, Shawnee Mission, Kan.; and Daryl Olsen, DVM, Audubon-Manning Veterinary Clinic, Audubon, Iowa.

The four research proposals were selected based on established criteria that include potential for economic impact to the swine industry; originality and scientific quality; and probability of success in completing the study.

Proposal entries for the 2011 Advancement in PRRS Research Awards are due Jan. 1, 2011; you can get more information here.  

Source: BIVI