Chris Chinn is opening the doors at her family’s farrow-to-finish Missouri hog farm and inviting guests to take a tour. “In today’s world, putting a face on farming is a necessity,” says Chinn, a fifth generation farmer who helps run a 2,400-sow operation near Clarence, Mo., with her husband, Kevin, his parents and his brother.

The five-minute “Truth about Modern Pork Production” video available on YouTube (, shows daily life inside the farrowing room and finishing barns. Chris, who narrates the video, describes the farm’s commitment to the environment, details how the barns’ computerized climate control systems contribute to the animals’ comfort, and explains the importance of animal well-being, from proper nutrition to veterinary care.

“We hope this helps people understand why we use modern technology on farms and the benefits it brings to our livestock,” says Chinn, whose husband produced the video with a camcorder. “Our motivation is to maintain our business and way of life so we can pass the farm on to our two children some day.” 

Source: NPB