Premium Standard Farms is facing scrutiny from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources after allegedly spilling hog manure and wastewater into northern Missouri streams, according to the Kansas City Star.

Within the last month, the company had seven such spills that have resulted in new violation notices from Missouri's DNR.

“Both the DNR and the (Missouri) attorney general have expressed their concern and disappointment in our performance,” says Charlie Arnot, a PSF spokesman. “We acknowledge that. We're disappointed with it as well.” Previous environmental episodes resulted in PSF's promise in 1999 to shore up its manure management and related activities. At that time, PSF committed to Missouri officials that it would spend $25 million on new technology to solve its pollution challenges.

DNR regulators are still investigating two of the recent spills, but they have already issued violation notices for spills on July 11, 25 and 31, according to Irene Crawford, director of DNR's office in Macon, Mo.

Arnot says the company will consult an attorney to evaluate its current procedures and “see if there's anything we can do while we're developing new technologies.” One technology PSF is exploring involves the possibility of producing fuel oil from hog manure.

PSF operates hog farms in Mercer, Putname, Sullivan, Daviess and Gentry counties in Missouri. It also has hog farms in Dalhart, Texas, and Clinton, N.C.

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