The Minnesota Pork Board Annual Meeting will take place on Nov. 30, beginning at 12:30 p.m. The site is the Best Western Hotel (Highway 169) in North Mankato. There will be an 11:30 a.m. luncheon prior to the meeting.

All pork producers who have paid into the Mandatory Pork Checkoff Program are encouraged to attend MPB's Annual Meeting. The agenda includes election of pork producers to serve one-year terms on the MPB Executive Board. Pending USDA approval, these same individuals will serve as delegates to the 2008 National Pork Industry Forum. 

Candidates for MPB's Executive Board/Pork Act Delegates are: Rachel Anthony of St. Peter, Sam Baidoo of Waseca, Lynn Becker of Fairmont, Bill Crawford of Fairmont, Greg Fox of Rosemount, Curt Johnson of Jasper, Craig Mensink of Preston, Burt Norell of St. Peter, Karen Richter of Montgomery, Doug Steele of Alden, Brad Stevermer of Easton and Doug Wenner of St. Peter.Additional persons may be nominated from the floor during the annual meeting.

Annual meeting attendees will also hear reports on national pork checkoff retail marketing and swine research programs, and an update on the Minnesota PRRS Eradication Task Force.

Producers will discuss and vote on resolutions that relate to the national pork checkoff. Resolutions proposed at the annual meeting will require a two-thirds margin to be brought to the floor for discussion and a three-fourths majority vote for approval.

Minnesotapork producers who plan to attend the annual meeting are encouraged to bring along a sales receipt proving that hogs were sold in their name and that the Mandatory Pork Checkoff revenue was deducted. For more information on the MPB' Annual Meeting, call (507) 345-8814.

Source: Minnesota Pork Board