Mexican pork producers claim they are being hurt by a flood of pork imports and seek to stem the flow. The U.S. Meat Export Federation says it is working to counter their efforts to slow imports.

Mexican pork producers have convinced the Mexican congress to pass a resolution to restrict imports.  It calls for the government use a constitutional mechanism to restrict imports, tighten import inspections at the border and reject pork that is more than 30 days past slaughter.

In the first half of 2007, average wholesale prices for pork carcasses in Mexico City were down 30 percent from 2006. According to USMEF, however, those lower prices resulted from increased hog marketing and not from imports, which are down substantially.

USMEF said it will continue to meet with key members of the Mexican Congress and has provided important economic information to the Secretariat of Economy (the principal executive branch of government responsible for trade) and to Mexican industry partners.

It is also working with Mexican meat associations to better inform key Mexican government decision makers about the need to continue U.S. pork imports.