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Farm bill and immigration reform action needed Play video

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is calling on Congress to pass legislation he says is crucial to American farmers. The USDA’s Bob Ellison has more FULL STORY »

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Pot Pigs: Marijuana and vodka fed to hogs Play video

A farm in Washington is now feeding marijuana and vodka to their pigs. FULL STORY »

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Online pork processing tour with Temple Grandin Play video

Take a tour of a pork processing plant with world renowned animal-handling expert, Temple Grandin, as your guide. FULL STORY »

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USDA researches environmentally friendly farming Play video

A USDA researcher is studying the feasibility of using cheaper alternatives to commercial fertilizers and how much farmers can use in an environmentally friendly way. FULL STORY »

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Activists at the door Play video

At the Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholder Summit last week, the alliance’s president and CEO, Kay Johnson-Smith describes the theme of the summit, which focused on animal welfare, activists and consumer perceptions. FULL STORY »

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Farmland values: Boom or bubble? Play video

Low interest rates and record income per acre have driven farmland values much higher over the last decade. The increase has led to concerns of a repeat of the farm crisis of the 1980s. FULL STORY »

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Wayne Pacelle and the HSUS scam Play video

The Humane Society of the United States gives less than one percent of its massive donations to local pet shelters, but, it has socked away more than $17 million dollars to its pension fund. FULL STORY »

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Bottom Line — Sequestration Play video

TWILA TV's Neil Melancon explains how long-term sequestration will affect farmers and consumers. FULL STORY »

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Improved drought picture over last year Play video

A meteorologist says drought-wise the nation as whole is doing better than at this time last year. The USDA’s Bob Ellison has more. FULL STORY »

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USDA chief economist: Production up, prices down Play video

USDA’s chief economist says U.S. crop production should increase in 2013 and that could lead to lower prices for farmers. The USDA’s Bob Ellison has more. FULL STORY »

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February farm bill update Play video

A bill offered by Senate Democrats could fix some of the problems caused by the one-year extension of the 2008 Farm Bill. FULL STORY »

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