From the saucy signature flavor of the McRib to crowd-pleasing Johnsonville bratwursts, select McDonald’s locations are serving up some classic fare this holiday season.
“McDonald’s operators can choose to run special events, and Greater Milwaukee McDonald’s restaurants have brought back Johnsonville Brats through the end of December,” says Paul Perfilio, national foodservice marketing manager for the National Pork Board’s pork checkoff. “In addition, McDonald’s operators in Southern California, the Gulf Coast area and San Antonio are now featuring the popular McRib sandwich for a limited time.”

The McRib, which first debuted on McDonald’s menus in 1981, has developed a cult fanatic following and even has its own page on the social networking site Facebook. The pork sandwich is also generating buzz in the blogosphere. On a recent posting at the “Fast Food Maven” blog, the author hailed the McRib’s 2009 return to Southern California and shared tips from her readers on where to find the pork sandwiches.
The McRib promotion at the select McDonald’s, including more than 500 Southern California restaurants, is being supported with television and in-store merchandising aids. “The McRib is a good pork product that customers love, and the sandwich has been a holiday tradition in Southern California for years,” Perfilio says.

Bratwursts from the Wisconsin-based Johnsonville Sausage Company have also become a customer favorite in certain regions.

“About four years ago McDonald’s first offered Johnsonville brats, and the product did very well in a variety of markets,” Perfilio says. “The pork checkoff looks forward to working with more promotions in the coming year.”

Source: National Pork Board