For devoting his career to control and eradication of swine diseases, James McKean, DVM, of Ames, Iowa, has been awarded National Pork Board’s Distinguished Service Award. The award was made at the Pork Industry Forum in St. Louis, Mo., March 6-8.

The award is given annually to recognize the lifelong contribution to the pork industry of an outstanding leader. “Jim is an exceptional player in the pork industry,” said Lynn Harrison, National Pork Board president. “He’s dedicated to the industry as a whole and to local producers.”

A professor at Iowa State University, McKean also serves as an Extension veterinarian focusing on swine and is the associate director of the Iowa Pork Industry Center. He was instrumental in the eradication of pseudorabies in Iowa and the United States. McKean has also authored numerous articles on subjects including mycoplasmal pneumonia, coronavirus antibodies, campylobacter enterocolitis and Salmonella infections.

“Jim certainly has a passion for the industry,” said Paul Sundberg, vice president of science and technology for NPB. “He always brings to the table his perspective of whether a course of action will work for producers, and what effect will it have on the entire industry.”

Source: NPB