At the insistence of PETA, McDonald’s has been looking into controlled atmosphere stunning of chickens to determine if they were going to ask suppliers to switch to the CAS method of killing chickens. And their answer is: No.

In a report to the board of director’s last week, the Corporate Responsibility Committee for McDonald’s recommended that the company NOT adopt controlled atmosphere stunning of chickens at this time.

According to the committee’s report “we have concluded that the Company’s current standards for animal welfare are appropriate for the Company’s global supply chain at this time. We believe that the application of CAS in commercial environments is still in the early stages of development, and therefore, it is premature to make any commitment on future actions at this time.”

The report does go on to say that McDonald’s will continue to review and discuss CAS as well as other animal welfare issues. To read the committee’s full report to McDonald’s board of directors, follow this link.,