The Maschhoffs, a Carlyle, Illinois-based swine management company and Farmers Cooperative, a farmer-owned cooperative based in Farnhamville, Iowa, have agreed to form a partnership between their feed divisions. The agreement, which is anticipated to take effect Nov. 10, 2006, will benefit both companies as they aim to create a more efficient feed milling and transportation operation.

In the agreement, The Maschhoffs will lease FC’s Buckeye, Iowa feed mill and assume responsibility for its daily operations. In addition to their own feed, The Maschhoffs will continue to make feed for established FC accounts at the Buckeye mill. FC will continue to provide delivery of all feed made in the partnership. The two companies also come to an agreement on additional feed volumes that will be made through other FC milling assets located in Earlham and Sac City, Iowa.

The agreement combines assets, expertise in swine feeding, and feed volumes from these two strong companies in order to create efficiency, manage costs, and allow for continued innovation in feed milling and transportation. The strategy will focus on ensuring high quality service to partners, and maintain ongoing work with key suppliers of both companies.

Source: The Maschhoff’s and Farmers Cooperative