Rep. Frank Lucas of Oklahoma issued the following statement last week after his colleagues in the House Republican Conference elected him to serve as Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee in the 112th Congress.

"It is an honor to continue in this leadership role of the Agriculture Committee where I have served since I was first elected to Congress. As a lifelong farmer from a diverse, agricultural state, I have lived the real world challenges farmers and ranchers face across the country.”

"We will hold oversight hearings on the Environmental Protection Agency, which has demonstrated a fondness for overreaching regulations that defy Congressional intent and threaten production agriculture and rural economies.  

Lucas is also closely watching the USDA’s response to the comments on the proposed Grain Inspection Packers and Stockyards Act rule. The public comment period on the controversial GIPSA proposed rule ended Nov. 22.

The livestock industry now must wait on the USDA to sort through the thousands of comments, pro and con, about the rule. Lucas says that the proposed rule is clearly contrary to the intent of the Congress and the nation’s legal system and that it could be “devastating” to the livestock sector.

Source: House Committee on Agriculture Republicans