Drake University Law School, Des Moines, Iowa, is conducting a survey of Iowa pork producers in an attempt to shed light on the future of the state’s pork industry. The research effort is part of Drake’s Agricultural Law Center research program. Iowa pork producers are encouraged to go online this month to take a five-minute survey to assist in the research project. Producers can access the survey by clicking here.

"Iowa's pork industry is going through another major transition," says Neil Hamilton, law professor and director of the Agricultural Law Center.  "Our goal is to capture the type of decisions pork producers are going to make in the next 12 months and to provide them with legal tools for making those decisions," he added. For more information on the Law Center, click here.

The center's research is focused on agreements producers are making regarding changes in the industry, facilities and manure disposal. "We're definitely seeing some decision-making being driven by recent changes in Iowa's swine industry," said Matt Russell, state food policy project coordinator and field researcher on the pork project.

Of special interest are the manure agreements being used now that manure may have become nearly as valuable as the hogs. No data from individual farms will be available or able to be discovered from this survey.

Later this year, the center will report on the results from the online survey and provide online tools and information for pork producers and for those who serve them. This research is supported by the Smithfield Swine Industry Enhancement Grant Program through the Iowa Attorney General's office.

Source: ThePigSite.com