U.S. pork exports overcame several obstacles to perform very well in 2010 - especially in terms of per-unit value - according to U.S. Meat Export Federation President and CEO Philip Seng. With November and December results still to be reported, U.S. pork export value (including variety meat) is running 9 percent higher than in 2009 at $3.9 billion, while export volume (3.43 billion pounds) is about 2 percent higher.

This value pace is about 3 percent lower than in 2008, when U.S. pork export value shattered its all-time record and finished the year at nearly $4.9 billion. While 2010 exports will likely fall short of this total, it will still be the second-highest year for total export value and will exceed 2008 in terms of per-unit value (about $1.14 per pound versus $1.08).

In the audio report below, Seng says U.S. pork continued to post strong results in mainstay markets such as Mexico and Japan, and overcame trade interruptions earlier in the year in the key markets of China and Russia. He also notes that even with this year’s rising prices, U.S. pork performed remarkably well in price-sensitive markets such Mexico, Central and South America and the Philippines.

Source: USMEF