Arkansas News reports Tyson Foods has filed a 335-page reaction urging the USDA to abandon the GIPSA rule.

Company attorneys representing Tyson Foods claim GIPSA lacks the legal authority to include pullet and breeder operations in its rules. They also argue the rule includes “significant costs” that would “substantially harm competition to the detriment of consumers.”

The USDA has received over 28,000 comments about the GIPSA rule. A final rule could be determined in the next few months.

Not everyone is against the GIPSA rule. National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson says the rule has been needed and family farmers “have been at the mercy of packers for far too long.”

According to the NFU, hog operations have dropped from 660,000 in 1980 to 67,000 today while beef cattle operations have dipped from 1.3 million to 950,000 over the same time.

The USDA faces the task of organizing and addressing all of the public comments. USDA spokesman Jim Brownlee says it will take several months to sort through the comments as they determine a final rule.

“From this point we will begin the comment sorting process. As soon as the similar comments are grouped, a team will begin analyzing each comment and identifying the substantive issues to be considered in the regulatory development process.”

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