Canada's pork producers are requesting that the Canadian government resume talks with South Korea to reach to negotiate a free trade agreement. According to Farmscape, the Canadian pork industry is eager to competing on a level playing field with the potential for reduced tariffs.

South Korea is the fourth largest market of Canadian pork.

Korea has free trade agreements established with South American and Asian countries. Agreements have also been reached with the United States and the European Union.

Free trade negations between Canada and South Korea began in 2005 but stalled in 2008.

Gary Stordy, the Canadian Pork Council public relations manager, said, "now that the United States and EU have a free trade agreement, over the next number of years the tariff that they pay is going to be decreasing while the Canadian tariff charged on pork coming from Canada into South Korea will remain the same, will remain unchanged."

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Source: Farmscape