Although antibiotic use in animals has not been a significant factor affecting U.S. trade in meat products to date, evidence suggests that country restrictions on the use of these drugs could become an issue in the future. The restrictions could affect U.S. export markets for livestock and poultry products, according to a Congressional Research Service report.

At issue, according to the report, is whether increased restrictions and prohibitions on the use of certain drugs in animal feed in some countries, such as the United States, may already be affecting international trade in livestock and poultry products.

In the United States, legislation has been introduced that seeks to restrict the use of certain antimicrobial drugs for subtherapeutic or nontherapeutic purposes in food-producing animals.

The report discusses the possible outcomes under several scenarios in terms of changes in U.S. livestock and poultry exports and changes in U.S. market share in global meat markets.

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Source: Congressional Research Service.