Brownfield reports the Lincoln Public Schools in Nebraska have decided not to hand out April’s newsletter by the Humane Society of the United States written for third and fourth grade students.

Nebraska Farm Bureau said the newsletter was controversial and its goal is to advance HSUS’ agenda. The NFB highlighted misinformation in the "Kids in Nature's Defense" newsletter about contemporary agriculture showing factory farms as the dominant kind of agriculture.

Cheryl Stubbendieck, vice president of public relations for Nebraska Farm Bureau, said the newsletter encouraged students to contact federal agencies to request tougher regulations on livestock production.

“We are seeing HSUS targeting these young people in order to get to them before they maybe have fully developed their critical thinking skills and been exposed to other viewpoints,” Stubbendieck said.

Lincoln Public Schools has an Ag in the Classroom program for students with lessons about science in agriculture and the impacts on the economy and society.

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Source: Brownfield