KLA legal staff worked to improve a stray livestock resolution proposed by Shawnee County commissioners. The original resolution, introduced at the request of the animal control department of the Shawnee County sheriff's office, could potentially have put livestock owners at risk of penalties if they ever had livestock stray more than once.

Commissioners amended the original resolution to clarify penalties only apply to livestock owners who knowingly have stray livestock and make no attempt to maintain a legal fence or keep livestock enclosed. KLA requested an additional amendment that would have added further protection for an owner who maintains a legal fence, but may occasionally have livestock get out. However, the KLA amendment, proposed by Commissioner Shelley Buhler, died for lack of a second.

The new resolution targets habitual offenders and allows an appeal for one written warning. A second violation within 12 months of the warning is subject to a $500 fine. Any subsequent violation within 12 months is subject to a $1,000 fine. While the resolution is improved and KLA received assurances it would not be abused, KLA will monitor enforcement.

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