The Winnipeg Free Press reports six federal criminal charges have been laid for willfully causing unnecessary pain to a pig trapped in a gate and failing to provide adequate food, shelter or water to 178 pigs.

The abuse was the most extensive seen by the province’s chief veterinarian. Charges were laid against Martin Albert Joseph Grenier of the R.M. of Lorne. Grenier and a co-accused Dolores Donna Grenier already face 23 violations of the province’s Animal Care Act.

The Greniers were arrested in June when the local Hutterine colony who owned the pigs told the RCMP that colony members were denied access to the hog barn. The RCMP launched an investigated at the barn that housed 2,000 pigs and found 400 pigs were dead or dying and another 160 pigs later euthanized. The barn burned down a week after the investigation.

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