A panel of experts from around the world has compiled the most important 100 questions facing global agriculture. Can you guess which ones top the list?

“To meet the expected demand for food without significant increases in prices, it has been estimated that world agriculture needs to produce 70% to 100% more food, in light of the growing impacts of climate change, concerns over energy security, regional dietary shifts and the goal of halving world poverty and hunger by 2015.”

So begins a special report published in the U.K.’s International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability titled, “The Top 100 Questions of Importance to the Future of Global Agriculture.” As the authors—a multi-disciplinary team of senior representatives and experts from 45 of the world’s major agricultural organizations, professional scientific societies and academic institutions from around the world—wrote, “The goal for the agricultural sector is no longer simply to maximize productivity, but to optimize across a far more complex landscape of production, rural development, environmental, social justice and food consumption outcomes.”

Put simply, the study’s stated objective was to compile “a list of the top 100 questions that, if addressed, would have a significant impact on global agricultural practices worldwide, while improving the synergy between agricultural policy, practice and research.”

Gotta have that synergy.

Okay, let’s begin. Can you guess—right now, without scrolling further—any of the questions at the top of the list?

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