KMG Chemicals, Inc. announced today that Proxitane AHC - the no. 1 broad-spectrum disinfectant used in swine production worldwide - is now EPA-approved and ready for use in U.S. swine facilities.

Proxitane AHC is a broad-spectrum peracetic acid-based disinfectant that is specially formulated to optimize its disinfectant action via its strong oxidizing action, with no known risk of resistance build-up. Proxitane AHC works by the generation of free oxygen, which ruptures cells and denatures proteins in the target microorganism.

According to Randy Berry, KMG Business Unit Manager-Animal Health, “Proxitane AHC is a highly effective surface disinfectant effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, virus and fungi including several Staphylococcus and Salmonella species and is based on an active ingredient which no microorganism has developed a resistance to in more than 80 years of use. Proxitane AHC has been tested and proven effective against Porcine Respiratory & Reproductive Syndrome virus (PRRS) in swine units and structures and is approved against Swine Vesicular Disease and Foot & Mouth Disease. Its efficacy is enhanced by the specially formulated surfactant, which provides better stability, penetration, surface retention and added detergent action.”

The EPA-approved broad-spectrum disinfectant is ideal for fogging, spraying or immersion. It has cleaning and disinfecting applications for all buildings, vehicles, and containers and is excellent for addressing key pathogenic organisms in a wide array of swine animal production. It allows re-introduction of livestock with minimal delay. Proxitane AHC does not stain and leaves no residues.

KMG Animal Health will offer Proxitane AHC in 1-Gallon and 2.5-Gallon jugs and can be ordered via your animal health products supplier of by visiting for the dealer near you.

Source: McKinley Communications, Inc. news release