The Global Harvest Initiative (GHI) is proud to support the 2011 AG Day events in Washington D.C., which provide a unique opportunity for students to meet with members of Congress and other officials to discuss the importance of agriculture to the U.S. economy, as well as the challenges of meeting the rising demand for agricultural products by a growing global population.

Ag Day was held March 14 to 15 in Washington, D.C. Events included

  • National Ag Day Agri-Pulse Event -  Ag week was kicked off with the Agricultural Appreciation Reception, featuring the music of Michael Peterson
  • National Ag Day Coffee with the Secretary - Students were invited to attend a coffee held at the USDA's Whitten Building Patio; Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack was invited to attend
  • National Ag Day Mix & Mingle Luncheon - Held in the Capitol Building, the luncheon featured 50 student delgates from the FFA, 4-H and AFA in addition to Outstanding Farmer of the Year honorees
  • National Ag Day Dinner & Cocktails - Students concluded ag day with the National Celebration of Agriculture Dinner, where Vilsack spoke to the students.

"The challenges of feeding 9 billion people who will inhabit the Earth by 2050 are significant, so we must double agricultural output in that time while stabilizing or reducing the amount of land, water and inputs to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture," said Dr. William G. Lesher, Executive Director, Global Harvest Initiative.

"GHI is proud to sponsor the 2011 AG Day events because we understand that the next generation of farmers and ranchers will play a critical role in sustainably increasing agricultural productivity to help reduce starvation and malnutrition worldwide in the decades to come."