This week’s planting report comes from Dave Brennan, Case IH Crop Production Specialist for Nebraska, Colorado and western Kansas. Dave grew up on a diversified farm in northwest Iowa, raising corn, soybeans and livestock. Joining Case IH right after college, Brennan has served in a variety of roles with the company, before assuming his current post. 

“Farmers in my territory have been getting a lot of planting done in a short amount of time,” says Brennan. He says that at the beginning of last week, 41 percent of the corn planting had been completed. By the end of last week, it jumped to 80 percent.

“Many producers also have been planting soybeans – 40 percent are in the ground,” he adds.

“We didn’t get much moisture over the winter, so a lot of corn residue has yet to break down,” says Brennan. “The fall, winter and spring also have been very windy, so residue is not evenly spread across the fields – it’s piled up here and there. Some farmers who have been farming for more than 50 years have told me they’ve never had to deal with residue like this, so it’s resulting in producers having to adapt their farming practices. Some growers have been managing it using vertical tillage tools.”

Planting is going well for most growers. “However, planting progress came to a halt this past weekend when the weather threw a big kink in things,” says Brennan. “Some areas got a lot of rain, at least 4 inches’ worth. The panhandle of Nebraska and parts of Colorado got 5 inches of snow. Temperatures reached lows in the 20s in that area too, which, of course, is not good for emerged corn.”