As part of its Commitment to Veterinarians, Pfizer Animal Health is donating $50 for each swine veterinarian who completed an online presentation about how to protect against the most current strains of swine influenza virus (SIV). After viewing the presentation, veterinarians could select the veterinary school to which each donation was directed.

Seventeen veterinary colleges from across the United States were selected to receive the donations. The total amount raised was $6,300. 

During the online presentation, swine veterinarians learned about newly updated FluSure XP and FluSure Pandemic vaccines. The vaccines help guard against 9 out of 10 of the most current flu strains threatening swine herds today.

"Pfizer Animal Health is dedicated to supporting veterinarians through industry-leading training and education, and by investing and supporting the future of the profession," says Steve Sornsen, DVM, MS, senior director, technical services at Pfizer Animal Health. "This program helped us achieve both of these goals."

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Source: Pfizer