With the acquisition of King Pharmaceuticals by Pfizer, Inc. announced on Feb. 28, Pfizer Animal Health will begin integrating Alpharma, LLC into its existing business, according to a company news release. With the acquisition, Pfizer Animal Health will become a leading marketer in the U.S. medicated feed additives business.  Alpharma was a wholly owned subsidiary of King Pharmaceuticals.

The integration of Alpharma allows Pfizer to build on its broad product portfolio of biologics, medicines and immunodiagnostics with Alpharma’s industry-leading array of medicated feed additives and water-soluble therapeutics for the prevention and treatment of diseases. 

“Pfizer Animal Health welcomes Alpharma colleagues and the company’s respected products and services,” said Clint Lewis, president of U.S. operations for Pfizer.  “Today marks another important milestone in Pfizer Animal Health’s evolution in offering veterinarians, nutritionists and all our customers a more comprehensive portfolio of unique products and services. It also further demonstrates our commitment to becoming a complete solutions provider for our customers.”

“The Alpharma integration, coupled with our recent acquisition of Synbiotics Corporation, showcases Pfizer’s continued desire to find ways to expand our portfolio to best meet customer needs within a changing marketplace,” Lewis said.  “We want to be viewed by customers and colleagues as the best animal health company with exceptional people, products and services.”

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Source: Pfizer news release