“Pork. Be Inspired” is the much anticipated new slogan for the National Pork Board’s advertising campaign. Rolled out at the National Pork Industry Forum in Phoenix, the tagline will soon supplant the 23-year old “Pork. The Other White Meat” tag.

The well-known “Other White Meat” slogan will not be fully retired. “It’s an important part of what pork is to consumers,” says Ceci Snyder, National Pork Board’s vice president of domestic marketing. “We want to build on that and to convey other things.”

 “Pork. The Other White Meat” will become a “heritage” brand, which Snyder explains means it will still be part of the effort to promote pork, particularly on the Web, but also to nutrition professionals and in nutrition-based consumer communications.         

It was time for something new and fresh, Snyder notes. Diane Bettin, Minnesota pork producer and chair of NPB’s domestic marketing committee agrees. “The producers I’ve talked to are very inspired for something new. I think producers can get behind this. It’s a positive, motivating message,” she adds.  

More than a slogan, a whole new advertising campaign will begin in April and it will target a new audience. NPB conducted a multi-dimensional consumer segmentation study to focus on how to get the most bang for producers’ buck. The goals were to understand U.S. pork consumption; determine the right consumers to target for pork; develop the right consumer message for the target audience; and create resources for use with channel partners.

 “In my 15 years (at NPB) we have never had this type of segmentation study before,” Snyder says.

Bottomline, the target audience involves the 28 percent of U.S. households, who eat 68 percent of all fresh pork consumed at home, and 50 percent of fresh pork consumed away from home.

The target audience’s age is not the issue, but attitude is. These consumers are confident in preparing 2 or more cuts of pork; they have positive attitudes about pork, cooking and life; and they enjoy all fresh pork cuts, Snyder points out.  

 “They told us, cooking isn’t something I have to do, it’s something I like to do…but they want some fresh ideas,” she adds. These are confident, accomplished cooks, who already choose and enjoy pork. They also like to share food with friends and family, and often influence others when it comes to cooking.

NPB’s board has committed to investing heavily in the new ad slogan and campaign. The estimated commitment for the full-blown campaign is $25 million for the year. As a rough estimate, that’s 40 percent of the National Pork Checkoff’s anticipated total for the year.

“One of the things we heard repeatedly in the last few years (during tough economic times) is that we need to market better,” Bettin notes. “Producers really want to see pork with a fresh new face, and they know that we can’t promote that without committing some money.”

Pork ads will be back on TV, including on network morning shows, various cable channels, the Food Network and the Cooking Channel. A major print advertizing blitz will include placements in “Everyday with Rachel Ray”, “Better Homes and Gardens”, “People” and “Food Network” magazines to name a few.

 “We’ve shown it (the campaign) to packers and other marketers, and they’re 100 percent behind it,” Snyder adds.

While NPB’s board has committed the money, it’s also committed to tracking defined results. The clock started ticking as of 2009, and is now facing rising food prices. The board has defined a five-year goal (to 2014) of seeing a 10 percent increase in real domestic pork expenditures, a 10 percent increase in fresh pork eating experiences and a 10 percent increase in the perception of pork as tender, juicy and flavorful.

“Pork is our brand, and we want to be crystal clear what it stands for,” Snyder says. That being-- pork is fresh, spontaneous, creative, tempting, delicious and inspired, she adds.

So, if all goes well, “Pork. Be Inspired” will inspire loyal consumers to buy and try even more pork, and bring some new consumers along with them.