With snow still on the ground in many areas of the country yet, and more precipitation expected, some livestock producers might have concerns about the capacity of their manure storage systems.

That’s according to South Dakota Cooperative Extension Environmental Quality Engineer/Specialist Erin Cortus, who says that the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has put together a fact sheet on manure management system practices for wet weather conditions.

“The fact sheet can help producers prevent discharges or flooding of their manure management systems, and it was designed for those producers operating under a South Dakota DENR General Water Pollution Control Permit,” Cortus says. “The fact sheet also includes some important practices for all producers to follow. We want to remind all producers that careful planning now will reduce the risk of manure discharges later.”

Cortus adds that all producers should monitor and record the levels of their manure storage systems on at least a weekly basis.

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Source: South Dakota State University