Minnesota Pork Board is donating 1,860 pounds of ground pork to Second Harvest Heartland, the Upper Midwest’s largest hunger relief organization, to help feed families in need across the state. The donation will take place Friday, Oct. 14 at Second Harvest Heartland, 1140 Gervais Ave., St. Paul, at 10 a.m. It will be followed by a tour of Second Harvest Heartland facilities at 10:30 a.m.

The pork donation is attributable to consumer participation at seven MPB Oink Outings that took place at several Twin Cities events this summer. At the Oink Outings, consumers’ who asked Minnesota pork producers any pig- or pork-related question triggered a one-pound ground pork donation to Second Harvest Heartland.

Attendees at the Donation Event:

Dave Frederickson, Commissioner, Minn. Department of Agriculture
Rob Zeaske, Executive Director, Second Harvest Heartland
Tony Mans, Director of Food Securing, Second Harvest Heartland
Dave Preisler, Executive Director, MPB
Bill Crawford, President, MPB
Jim Compart, President, Minnesota Pork Producers Association


Friday, October 14
• 10:00 a.m. presentation of MPB donation
• 10:30 a.m. tour of Second Harvest Heartland


Second Harvest Heartland

1140 Gervais Ave., St. Paul

 Second Harvest Heartland, a Minnesota-based food bank, not only strives to feed people today, but attempts to provide the means for everyone to be fed tomorrow. In 2010, the organization distributed nearly 60 million pounds of food with the help of partners, volunteers and donors, such as Minnesota Pork. For more information visit 2harvest.org.

Source: Minnesota Pork Board