Two years ago, Indiana’s pork producers announced a new initiative to feed the state’s hungry. The Million Meals program was launched to provide a million pork meals to Indiana food banks, and soon that millionth meal will be delivered, according to Hoosier Ag Today.

Sam Moffitt, Indiana Pork president, explains how producers have made it possible to get those meals to Feeding Indiana's Hungry.

"We as pork producers can voluntarily checkoff a nickel a head of our hogs to go toward this program that supplies pork to our Indiana food banks around the state. Then they distribute it. We get it packaged in two pound ground pork packages that families can take to provide a nutritious meal. We also have great support from industry partners that have contributed large amounts of money to go toward this program, and it's just been a great program."

The National Pork Checkoff is observing its 25th year this year. Moffitt says the four-tenths of a percent of the value of each hog contributed by producers has done a great job over the years promoting the pork industry.

"That money goes towards promotion, research, and also consumer and producer education. It's been a great program and we're proud that it's been 25 years and going strong."

Moffitt added, "We've had a couple great years. We're at historically high prices right now on hogs, and as you may notice in the grocery stores, meat is higher. But we are also experiencing the highest input costs to raise those hogs that we've ever had, so we need those higher prices just to keep our businesses going."

The checkoff's greatest claim to fame is The Other White Meat campaign. Now they're hoping the new Pork Be inspired campaign will generate similar results.

Source: Hoosier Ag Today