A hog producer in northwestern Illinois has filed a lawsuit again Knox County commissioners. The Quincy Herald-Whig reports that Shelton Zeiset filed the suit after his 2009 permit to build a confined animal feeding operation (CAFO) for 2,500 hogs was denied by the county commissioners.

At the time of the commission’s ruling, Zeiset had nearly 8,000 hogs on 1,200 acres of land.

The ruling followed a county health ordinance enacted in 2005, stating that CAFO construction must be built at least a half-mile away from an occupied dwelling. Because the new buildings planned by Zeiest would have been built within a quarter-mile of an occupied house, the permit was denied.

The expansion also faced public opposition over possible odor and wildlife issues. Both issues are common objections to CAFOs around the country.

Source: Quincy Herald-Whig