Nearly 5,000 pigs were killed in a fire at a confinement facility in northeast Iowa April 13. Fire crews worked late into the night to distinguish the fire, which consumed two hog facilities.

The Associated Press reports Buchanan County firefighters were dispatched around 8:30 p.m. The fire initially started in one confinement building and spread to another.

View the video below to watch raw footage of the fire:

WMFY News reports 3,000 piglets and 1,800 sows died in the fire. Employees were able to save about half of their animals.

Rick Wulfekuhle, a member of the local Emergency Management Agency, said to WMFY that it was a difficult to keep the fire from spreading.

"The thing with this complex is that all these buildings are connected in some way or another and we have to make sure we keep the fire spread down," Wulfekuhle said. "There was a great loss but they were able to save one facility and a lot of animals in it as well."

No injuries to workers or firefighters were reported.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Source: The Associated Press, WFMY News