Getting bacon “to go” just took on a new meaning with Ford’s recently created customization option.

Car drivers who are looking for a new vehicle with a little bacon flair might want to purchase the 2014 Ford Fiesta, which is being billed as the first bacon-wrapped car.

Ford added the option to its custom graphics section of the company website for the upcoming pork celebration happening on August 31, International Bacon Day.

There are currently three different options to trick your ride with multiple strips of bacon graphics. Prices start at $78.75 plus an installation fee.

This increase in bacon appreciation follows a recent trend that has seen bacon reach an all-time high in price this summer. It also parallels an uptick in bacon use from the food service industry where chains have added bacon to burgers across the nation and even desserts.

Now, if Ford can just find a way to easily cook some bacon while on the go in the Fiesta, then it would be a true bacon celebration.