The Pipestone Veterinary Clinic (Pipestone, MN) has announced Dr. Scott Dee’s appointment as director of research. Scott Dee, DVM, Ph.D., made his reputation as a national and international expert in applied disease-control research, with an emphasis on PRRS virus control and elimination. For the past 12 years, Dee has been a professor at the University of Minnesota (U of M) College of Veterinary Medicine, serving for the past five years as director of the Swine Disease Eradication Center.

“Naming a director of research at Pipestone underscores our commitment to the pork producers we serve. Because our choice is Dr. Scott Dee, we know our veterinary clients and Pipestone System farmer-owners can look forward to ideas that will keep their operations performing at peak levels,” says Dr. Luke Minion, Pipestone Veterinary Clinic’s CEO.

Following his graduation from the U of M, Dee spent 12 years as a practicing veterinarian in Morris, MN, earning his Ph.D. in the process. “It is an honor to join Pipestone,” said Dee. “We have had a great working relationship over the past several years and together have brought real-time solutions to not only to Pipestone’s clients, but the entire swine industry. I enjoy working with these early adopters of innovative technologies who rely on scientific data to make decisions. This new opportunity will be both challenging and fun.”