This market update is a PorkNetwork weekly column reporting trends in weaner pig prices and swine facility availability.  All information contained in this update is for the week ended May 24, 2013.

Breakeven price for a weaner pig was $22.23 based on closing futures prices on May 24, 2013 and the assumptions outlined below. The breakeven price is up $3.65 from last week.

Margin over variable costs was $45.03 and refers to the revenue generated from raising a weaner pig that contribute to fixed costs and pig purchase costs. In other words, if the alternative is to idle facilities every dollar between the purchase price and margin over variable costs contributes toward covering those fixed costs such as facility, labor, utilities, property taxes and insurance.

For the week ended


Weaner pig breakeven


Margin over variable costs


Pig purchase month

June, 2013

Live hog sale month

Dec, 2013

Lean hog basis/cwt


Average north central IA SBM basis


Average north central IA corn basis


Nursery cost/space/yr


Finisher cost/space/yr


Other feed & drug cost


Assumed carcass weight


Note that the weaner pig profitability calculations provide weekly insight into the relative value of pigs based on assumptions that may not be reflective of your individual situation. In addition, these calculations don’t take into account market supply and demand dynamics for weaner pigs and space availability.

National Direct Delivered Feeder Pig Report

Cash traded weaner pig reported volume was more than double the previous week with 55,875 head trading. Reported cash prices were up $0.20 per head from the previous week at $25.17 and the low to high spread was $10.00.

Cash sale weaner pig volume



Weighted average cash price/head



Cash low price/head



Cash high price/head



The number of reported weaner pigs sold on a formula basis was up 22 percent with 56,431 head being reported at an average price of $36.44 which is up $0.11 per head from the previous week.

Facility Spaces

As listed on ePigflow, there were 81,220 finishing spaces available and 3,600 nursery spaces available. For total available space of 84,820 on a combined basis which is up 5 percent compared to the previous week.

Ryan Cooney is general manager of ePigflow, an online market for weaner pigs, feeder pigs and facility spaces. You can find available pigs and facilities by visiting