On Sunday, Aug. 7, Bob Evans Farms, Inc., in partnership with the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF), proudly honored its founder's long-standing tradition of purchasing the Reserve Grand Champion Barrow for $20,000 at the Ohio State Fair's 2011 Sale of Champions.

"At Bob Evans, we truly rely on Ohio's farmers to provide quality products for our company and our guests," says Mike Townsley, president of BEF Foods, Inc. "It is important that we work closely with Ohio farmers, and so whenever we have the opportunity to give back to them we take it. This Reserve Grand Champion Barrow is a testament to the high quality livestock that is raised right here in Ohio."

Bob Evans started out as a traditional farmer before he began making and selling sausage on his farm in Rio Grande, Ohio. Throughout his lifetime, Evans was committed to promoting progressive farming practices in homage to the family farm from which his business sprouted. To this day, the company continues to honor Bob Evans' legacy by supporting numerous agricultural associations in Ohio.

"Bob Evans himself believed strongly in causes related to conservation, agriculture, education, hunger, children and family," says Townsley. "Working with the Ohio Farm Bureau has allowed us to support these efforts by giving back to our state's youth."

The proceeds of the sale of the barrow will go to both the individual market exhibitor, Troy Elwer of Allen County as well as the Youth Reserve Program which provides youth exhibitors with funding for various programs. These include scholarships, the Outstanding Marketing Exhibitor Program, showmanship contests, skill-a-thon contests, dairy cattle program, breeding livestock program, FFA (Future Farmers of America) and 4-H.  ]

Meat yielded from the winning barrow will be donated by Bob Evans Farms, Inc. to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.

Source: Bob Evans